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Web Developer | NULLA team • Want to share the things that inspired me in web design and development with you

Reviewing the main principles for great web design to show business identity and brand face in the online world.

A group of designers talking about a design on a whiteboard
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Before a website is designed, clients expect the design team to choose the best idea to represent the brand identity and style. They expect the idea to be designed based on existing needs and interests. Regardless of which idea the design team and client choose, there are constant principles along the way that work together to achieve the main goal of creating a good user experience.

1) Color Evokes Emotions

Discover new things about CSS, you’ll be fascinated by it, and everything will be more interesting.

colorful flower
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The CSS universe is full of tricks that we don’t know, so can’t say that I listed all the tricks of CSS in this part of the story, the more you know about it, the more you discover, and everything will be more interesting.

1) Text Selection Color

When you visit a website or read a blog, you often select the text with the mouse, it’s just the blue color selection with white text. you can make your website stand out with a customized text selection.

No matter how good our design is, errors are inevitable.

Write Impressive Error Messages That No One Has Ever Seen Before — Amisiy
Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

We all know that the best error message is the one that never shows up. But no matter how good our design is, errors are inevitable. When people interact with products, inevitably something will go wrong at some point.

A big part of UX is managing pain points for users. The key is to make everything as smooth and painless as possible.

You should show users’ errors, but not like everyone else. Error messages give people the information they need to move on while identifying any frustration and alleviating anxiety.

Certainly, when faced with an error, users feel a little…

There are several ways to design web pages, but which one is the best? Let me tell you about the experience of professional web designers.

5 Things Professional Web Designers Do Before Designing Web Pages — Amisiy
by Peter Tarka on Dribbble

There are several ways to design web pages, they may not all have the desired result, but you are the one who chooses the way, so it is better to use the experience of professionals and choose the best.
You can have your own personalized way, but I want to tell you here what I learned from working with professional web designers, so let’s learn from them.

1- What are the goals and needs of this page?

Bring your focus from code to beauty with online web design websites. This is what makes you a professional in your work.

Web Designer Working On A Project
24 Useful Web Design Websites That Will Make Your Work Better

Surely you also use tools for web design. There may be countless similar tools, but the important thing is to choose the best tool for your projects.
Tools should speed up your work and provide you with the most efficient code. Such tools will always be useful for you.
As you know, with tools, you have to move your concerns from syntax to beauty to create a good look for the project.

1- Make Enjoyable Experience For Yourself In Using Gradients


Going to a higher level of programming is enjoyable for any programmer. here, i’ve introduced you 9 useful books that take you to a higher level of programming by reading them.

Learning in today’s world is mostly done through online courses, YouTube classes, and websites. But there are still a large group of people who consider books the best reference for any kind of education. Having a book (both physical and electronic) will help you to have everything you need for education. This will make it easier for you to navigate and return to the forgotten points. In addition, you can always refer to the books to remember the points. ‌‌
In this post, 9 useful books for learning programming are introduced.‌

1- Inside the Machine: An Illustrated Introduction to Microprocessors and Computer Architecture

Author: Jon Stokes


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